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Full list of Creative commons music (All can be used commercially) :

All creative commons songs from our channel on Soundcloud

Jensation – Delicious
Jim Yosef & Anna Yvette – Courage
Rogers & Dean – No Doubt
Waysons – Running
Phantom Sage – Our Lives Past (feat. Emily Stiles)
Elektronomia – The Other Side
BVRNOUT – Take It Easy (feat. Mia Vaile)
Disco’s Over – TSU
Prismo – Hold On
WATEVA – See U (feat. Johnning)
T – Mass – Bow And Arrow
Bvd Kult – VIP
Raven & Kreyn – Get This Party
Lostboy & Slashtaq – Elysium
ElementD – Giving In (feat. Mees Van Den Berg)
T & Sugah – Sleepless (feat. MVE)
Distrion & Alex Skrindo – Lightning
T-Mass & Jaxxtone – Gave To Me
Kontinuum – Lost (feat. Savoi) [Sunroof Remix]
Kovan & Electro-Light – Skyline
Aero Chord & Anuka – Incomplete
Jordan Schor – Cosmic
Jim Yosef – Link
Unknown Brain – MATAFAKA
Rameses B – There For You
RetroVision & Domastic – SICC
Anikdote & Culture Code – Don’t Let It Go
Icehunt – Hover (feat. Helen Tess)
Culture Code – Make Me Move (feat. Karra) [Tobu Remix]
Oneeva – Platform 9
Malik Bash – Ghosts
Michael White – All Eyes On Me
Brandon Jonak & Pep.B – Where Do I Go (feat. Ezra James)
Elektronomia & JJD – Free
Four Eyes – Psycho
Axol & The Tech Thieves – Bleed
Ship Wrek, Zookeepers & Trauzers – Vessel
Sekai – Somebody
Egzod – Paper Crowns (feat. Leo The Kind)
Raven & Kreyn – In The Air – In The Air
3rd Prototype – Together
Axtasia – Light Up The Sky
Venemy – Need You Now (feat. Danica)
SirensCeol – Coming Home
Giraffe Squad – Wait For Me
Disfigure – Blank
Audioscribe – Skyline
NIVIRO – The Ghost
Aero Chord – Time Leap
K – 391 – Dream Of Something Sweet Ft. Cory Friesenhan
John Kenza – Wicked
Unknown Brain – Perseus (feat. Chris Linton)
Warptech Ft. Cory Friesenhan – Resolution
RetroVision – Over Again (feat. Micah Martin)
Matthew Blake feat. Katie Boyle – Saved Me Now
Disfigure – Summer Tune
Kontinuum – Lost (feat. Savoi) [JJD Remix]
Aero Chord feat. DDARK – Shootin Stars
Audioscribe – Free Fall
Uplink & Jason Gewalt – Euphoria
Warptech – Last Summer
Rob Gasser – Ricochet
Holly X Drivvin – Til The End
Leowi – Hollywood (feat. joegarratt)
Laszlo – Fall To Light
Elektronomia – Limitless
Culture Code Feat. Karra – Make Me Move (James Roche Remix)
Sub.Sound – Feel The Buzz
Vanze & Reunify – Angel (feat. Parker Polhill & Bibiane Z)
DM Galaxy – Paralyzed (feat. Tyler Fiore)
Robert Chacon – Redshift (feat. Robertha Sepulveda)
Laszlo – One Step Away
Electro Light Feat. Iain Mannix – Clearly (Venemy Remix)
Prismo – Weakness
JPB – Up & Away
Codeko – Crest
Uplink – Crying Over You
Exit Friendzone ft. Eden – Iris
Electric Joy Ride – Origin
LFZ – Echoes
Tobu – Hope
Domastic – Weird Dream
Valence – Infinite
Paul Flint – Sock It To Them
Vena Cava & Project Veresen feat. Raya – Flames
SirensCeol & Reaktion – Let You Know
Phantom Sage – Hollow
OLWIK – This Life (feat. Johnning)
Blazars – Northen Lights
Electro Light feat. Sidekicks – Hold On To Me
T-Mass & Enthic – Can You Feel It
Rob Gasser – Supersonic
Morley & Speo – Hope
Tobu & Itro – Sunburst
Laszlo – Here We Are
Geoxor – Higher
The Void – Lost Language
Its Different – Outlaw (feat. Miss Mary)
Luke Carpenter & John Ross – California
JJD – Future
Lensko – Rebirth
Electronic Vibes – Dont Leave Me
Bvd Kult – Made Of Something
David Bulla – Highlife
Dread Pitt – Pyro
Creative Commons Music -Vena Cava – Handsonic (feat. Jordan Virelli)
YV – Falling Up
Elliot Berger – The Nameless
Heuse – Stones (feat. Chris Linton & Emma Sameth)
Culture Code & Regoton ft. Jonny Rose – Waking Up
NIVIRO – Sapphire
The Eden Project – Chasing Ghosts
Jensation – Joystick
Unknown Brain – Saviour (feat. Chris Linton)
Main Reaktor – Salvation
3rd Prototype – Get In
Tobu – Life
Voicians – Seconds
Electro Light Ft. Kathryn MacLean – The Edge
Laszlo – Dont Look Down
Anna Yvette AFK – Clouds
DM Galaxy – Paralyzed
Its Different – Shadows (feat. Miss Mary)
Jim Yosef – Speed
Janji Feat. TR – Milky Way Stars
Elektronomia – Sky High
Cartoon – C U Again
Tobu – Infectious
Floatinurboat – Spirit Of Things
Vena Cava – TOHKA
LarsM Side – B Ft. Aloma Steele – Over
Venemy Ft. Emily Jane – Heartbeat
Janji – Together (Feat. Vivien)
Ramzoid – Electron
Tobu – Mesmerize
Dropouts – Let Go
Glude – Identity
Elliot Berger – Hold On (feat. Ranja)
David Bulla – Unexpected
Different Heaven – Safe And Sound
Warriyo – Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm)
Culture Code – Make Me Move (feat. Karra)
Lensko – Cetus
Warptech Feat. Cory Friesenhan – In The Stories
YV – Back In Time
Housewell & Side-B feat. Karl VanBurkleo – Drifting Away
Axollo – Moonstruck
Vena Cava – Noire
Kadenza – Harpuia
Johnny Third – Young Ones (feat. Jeremy Fowler)
Omar Varela Xavi Gi – Stronger (feat. Miss Lina)
Vanze – Survive (feat. Neon Dreams)
Kasger – Reflections
DM Galaxy – Bad Motives (feat. Aloma Steele)
Heuse & Zeus x Crona – Pill (feat. Emma Sameth)
Electro – Light – Fall For Gravity Feat. Nathan Brumley
Unknown Brain – Superhero
Desmeon – On That Day (feat. ElDiablo Flint Zadik)
Music Predators – Adventure Time
Krys Talk & Cole Sipe – Way Back Home
LarsM Side – B Ft. Aloma Steele – Over (Dropouts Remix)
Jo Cohen & BQ – Glowing At Night
Mendum – Stay With Me
Different Heaven – Nekozilla (LFZ Remix)
Anikdote – Imma Killa
Itro & Tobu – Cloud 9
Geoxor – You & I
Lensko – Circles
IZECOLD – Close (feat. Molly Ann) [Brooks Remix]
Main Reaktor – Recession
Arcien – Elevate
ElementD – Fallin (feat. Micah Martin)
Exert – Losing You (feat. Janethan)
Disfigure – Losing Sleep (feat. Tara Louise)
Vexento – Masked Raver
Light Years Away – Melrose At Midnight
Main Reaktor – Alone
Axol X Alex Skrindo – You
Halcyon Starlyte – Escape With Me (feat. Charlotte Haining)
Tobu & Syndec – Dusk
OLWIK – Villain (feat. Tyler Fiore)
Ellis – Migraine (feat. Anna Yvette)
Axol – ILY
Mendum – Stay With Me (Krys Talk Remix)
Jim Yosef – Canary
Uplink – Still Need You (feat. AWR)
Ash O’Connor & Curbi – Steeper
Electro – Light – Symbolism
RedMoon Feat. Jonny Rose – Only Us
Valcos – A New Light
Electro – Light – Night Shines (feat. Nathan Brumley)
Electro-Light & Jordan Kelvin James – Wait For You
Lensko – Lets Go!
Chime & Adam Tell – Whole
Blazars – Polaris
Different Heaven Feat. ReesaLunn – Pentakill
Tobu & Marcus Mouya – Running Away
T – Mass – Up In Flumes
RetroVision – Heroes
Disfigure – Hollah!
ÉWN – Feels
LarsM – Lovers
ZEST – You. Me
Matthew Blake Feat. Tyler Fiore – Upside Down
Itro X Valcos – Starbound
Ship Wrek – Pain
Lensko – Sarvagon
Jensation – Donuts
Distrion & Electro – Light – Rubik
JPB – High
Unison – Reality
Levianth Axol – Remember (feat. The Tech Thieves)
Tobu – Candyland
SirensCeol – Nostalgia
Kasger – Highland
SKYL1NK – The Wizard
Mendum – One Third
K – 391 – Everybody
Catas & Kasger – Blueshift
Lensko – Titsepoken
Main Reaktor – Awakening
Krys Talk – Fly Away
Tobu – Good Times
Umpire – Gravity (feat. Liz Kretschmer)
Diviners Feat. Contacreast – Tropic Love
Elektronomia – Energy
Venemy – Rescue Me (feat. Car)
RedMoon & Meron Ryan – Heavyweight
Phantom Sage – Away (feat. Byndy)
Subtact – Away
Tobu – Sound Of Goodbye
JJD – Adventure
Halvorsen – She Got Me Like
Jim Yosef – Lights
ÉWN & Whogaux – Start That Fire
K – 391 – Earth
Krys Talk – Fly Away (JPB Remix)
Itro – Skyward Bound (feat. Kédo Rebelle)
Alex Skrindo & Stahl! – Moments
Rameses B – Beside You (feat. Soundr)
Umpire – Collins Ave.
Ephixa & Jim Yosef – Everlasting
Vanze – Forever (feat. Brenton Mattheus)
Rob Gasser & Laura Brehm – Vertigo
Kontinuum – Aware
Phantom Sage – The Light
Disco’s Over – Reflections (feat. Lokka Vox)
Paul Flint – Savage
Janji – Heroes Tonight (feat. Johnning)
Cartoon – Why We Lose (feat. Coleman Trapp)
Ash O’Connor – You
Speo – Make A Stand (feat. Budobo)
3rd Prototype & Lex Dave – Time (feat. Yohamna Solange)
Different Heaven – Feel Like Horrible (feat. Sian)
Joe Garston – Loud & Clear (feat. Richard Caddock)
Jim Yosef – Firefly
Alan Walker – Force
DEAF KEV – Invincible
Different Heaven & EH!DE – My Heart
Alan Walker – Spectre
Uplink – To Myself (feat. NK)
Kontinuum – First Rain
K.Safo & Alex Skrindo – Future Vibes (feat. Stewart Wallace)
Jim Yosef – Can’t Wait
Cartoon – On & On
Cormak – Flavors
Siren – Run Away
Culture Code – Electricity
Itro & Kontinuum – Alive
Desmeon – Undone (feat. Steklo)
Mendum – Red Hands (feat. Omri)
Futuristik – Little Bit (feat. Sethh)
Ash O’Connor – Vibe
Disco’s Over – Lonely Island PTII (feat. PRXZM)
NCT X T & Sugah – Along The Road (feat. Voicians)
Vidya Vidya – Safari Fruits
William Ekh – Adventures
Different Heaven – Nekozilla
Konac – Home
Distrion & Alex Skrindo – Entropy
Mendum – Elysium
Tobu – Roots
JPB – Levitate (feat. Joe Erickson)
NAIMA – Let Me See You
Inukshuk – Happy Accidents
Syntact – Shallow
Different Heaven – OMG
Fransis Derelle – Fly (feat. Parker Pohill)
High Maintenance – Change Your Ways (feat. Charlotte Haining)
Vanze X Balco X Fransis Derelle – All I Need
Killabyte – Our Story
Sex Whales & Phantom Sage – One Day
Jim Yosef – Arrow
Alex Skrindo – Get Up Again (feat. Axol)
Fytch – Blinded (feat. Kosta & Theo Hoarau)
Unison – Aperture
Phantom Sage – MIKO
Desmeon – Hellcat
JPB – Defeat The Night (feat. Ashley Apollodor)
Malik Bash – Apollo
Alex Skrindo – Jumbo
Electro – Light – Throwback
Anikdote – Which Direction –
Sex Whales & Roee Yeger – Where Was I (feat. Ashley Apollodor)
Halvorsen – Wouldn’t Change It
Diviners – Savannah (feat. Philly K)
RetroVision – Puzzle
Waysons – Daydream
Kontinuum – Lost (feat. Savoi)
Cartoon – Immortality (feat. Kristel Aaslaid)
Y&V – Lune
K.Safo & Alex Skrindo – Future Vibes Feat. Stewart Wallace (Uplink Remix)
Electro – Light – The Ways (feat. Aloma Steele)
Phantom Sage – Silence (feat. Byndy)
Killercats – What I Said (feat. Alex Skrindo)
Disfigure – Blank VIP (feat. Tara Louise)
Cartoon Feat. Jüri Pootsmann – I Remember U (Xilent Remix)
T & Sugah X NCT – Stardust (feat. Miyoki)
Ship Wrek & Zookeepers – Ark
Jim Yosef – Eclipse
Different Heaven – Far Away
Foria – Break Away
Desembra – Hit ‘Em
Waysons – Eternal Minds
Inukshuk – We Were Infinite
Anikdote – Life Is Over
Kasger – Out Here
Phantom Sage – Crystal Clouds
Ship Wrek & Zookeepers – Ark
Jim Yosef – Forces (feat. Ivan Jamile & Kédo Rebelle)
Cartoon – Immortality (feat. Kristel Aaslaid) [Futuristik Remix] Inukshuk – A World Away
Distrion & Electro – Light – You And Me (feat. Ke’nekt)
Brig – Spoil
Syn Cole – Feel Good
Different Heaven – Far Away (Phantom Sage Remix)
JPB & MYRNE – Feels Right (ft. Yung Fusion)
Cartoon Feat. Jüri Pootsmann – I Remember U
Razihel – Love U
Unison – Translucent
Glude – Breathe
Desmeon – Back From The Dead
JJD – Halcyon
Killercats – Tell Me (feat. Alex Skrindo)
Defqwop – Heart Afire (feat. Strix)
Spitfya X Desembra – Cut The Check
Alan Walker – Fade
Jo Cohen &
Sex Whales – We Are
K – 391 – Earth
Killercats – Kaibu
Fareoh – Cloud Ten
Anikdote – Turn It Up
DOCTOR VOX – Starpower
DOCTOR VOX – Frontier (Thomas Vx VIP)
Wontolla – Caracal
SANDR – Miles High
Meizong – Melood
Ghost’n’Ghost – The Adventure
Harbinger – Warped
Ampyx & SANDR – New Colors
Noxive – Hive
Ampyx & Ron Curtis – Shoot For The Stars
SANDR – Something New
Phlex – Rivers (feat. Abby Oliver)
SANDR & Joey Shigrov – Memories
G&J – Disconscient
ZEDION – Radiance
Hoved – Fly
Hinkik – Skystrike
Crystal Drop – Flight Of Fancy
Nameless Warning – Things In Life
DaPlaque – Cya
RAAL – Dimah
Black Ant – Fater Lee
The Kyoto connection – Hachiko (The Faithtful Dog)
Monk Turner Fascinoma- Its Your Birthday
Jahzzar – Siesta
Tours – Enthusiast
SmaXa – Ice Killerz
SmaXa – My Shining (feat. Melissa Pixel)
Daenine – Target Finder ft. GoldAN
Noxive – Resilience
Genesis Rising – IO
Aylius – Invasion
SDDx – Seventeen Pt. II (feat. Cresce)
Dream Logic – Disco Funk Breakdown
SDDx & Cresce – Acceptance
Felxprod – Move Slow (feat. Jess Abran) (Myriad Remix)
Avery Berman – Keep It Hot
Cottonmouth – Timeshift
CruciA – Getting Cold
Crystal Drop – Surreal
Eudorix – Trust Me
Teknartist – I Will
Downpitched – Peanut Butter Monster
Hotshot (Original Mix) – AuX
Elexive – Cowboy
Cottonmouth – Retro Kids 2K
Driven Retro – Kaleidoscope (feat. Wolf Hut)
CruciA – Kyuto Kira
Phlex – Take Me Home Tonight (feat. Caitlin Gare)
DOCTOR VOX – Neon Lights
Teknartist – Voltage 2.0 (Original Mix)
AuX – Emotions
Avius & Kyoot – Wounded
Overdrive by daPlaque (Full Version)
daPlaque – ADHD (feat. Anke Angel)
daPlaque – GG
CruciA – With You
LookOuT – Overlock (Original Mix)
daPlaque – MINIGUN
Somehow By Labisch
CruciA – The Lovely You
Inaki – Phoenix
Meizong – Sound Of Hope
Synx & ParanorMeow – Falling
Labisch – Passion
KillHer – Soup Dealer
KuroKibo – Artha
OurAutobiography – Touch the Sky
Rous – Skylight (feat. Stephanie Middleton)
VOIA – Beauty Standards
AuX – Stardust
SmaXa – Fall Back
A Himitsu – Isolated Mind
Calico Cactus – Field Trip
A Himitsu – Icy Vindur
Digital Math – Joystick
Raya S – Senses
Sauniks – Escaping Now (feat. Lokka Vox)
OMFG – Hello
From The Dust – Keep Moving
From The Dust – Solstice
From The Dust – Within Yourself
synx & ParanorMeow – Sinking In 8
Slinz – Other Side (feat. NiCo)
Rous – Evoke
Felxprod – Down The River (feat. Thallie Ann Seenyen)
Calico Cactus – Courage
A Himitsu – Lost Within
Dylan Hardy – Continue
VOIA – Mochi Moshi (feat. Keii)
Romos – Helios
Inaki – Rewind
thomas vx – Stranger
Restless Modern – Maybe We Could
Digital Math – Infinite Cosmos
From The Dust – Breath
daPlaque – Dream
VOIA – Mochi Moshi (feat. Keii) (Arthur Medic Remix)
Nameless Warning – You’re Worth It
From The Dust – Stardust
Aerocity – Love Lost
MAY – Terminus
UNITY – Unison
Render – Prism
Reatch – Funk City
Lost Ashes – Seity
A Himitsu – Smile
Dylan Hardy – Kites
From The Dust – Supernova
Catmosphere – Candy Coloured Sky
Mike Chino – Calm and Harmony
Madnap – Endless River
A Himitsu – Cease
Broke For Free – Night Owl
From The Dust – Alive
Dekron – Time Machine
Jesse Warren – Miles Above You
Lost Ashes – Dreamchasers (feat. Car)
Valesco – All I Need
Jackie & Dylan Hardy – Story (Hear Me)
Reatch – Fuko
Lost Ashes – Scattered
Crystal Drop – Fall
Wontolla – The White Stag
Aether – Wanderlust
From The Dust – Chemicals
A Himitsu – Adventures
Jackie – Utsukushii
From The Dust – Crystals
Aerocity – Cold Weather Kids
Jackie – Sheesh
NaiKee – Sunder
daPlaque – Dead Line
Valesco – Stay With Me
From The Dust – Soryntheria
Meizong – Salt Mines
DaPlaque – Ultimate
Elexive – Tonic and Energy
From The Dust – Interstellar Rush
UNITY – Eternal Youth
Romos – Catharsis
Mike Chino – Dream Chaser
Erio – Monolith
synx – Routine Break
Extan – Faster Than Light
Marc Virus & Raya S – Nightfall
Collapse – love
Zythian – Soar
Wanderflux – Visions

+ 1000 Handpicked Creative commons songs (All can be used commercially)

A Himitsu – Cease
A Himitsu – Icy Vindur
A Himitsu – Isolated Mind
A Himitsu – Lost Within
A Himitsu – Smile
ADHD by daPlaque (ft. Anke Angel)
Aerocity – Love Lost
Aerocity – Cold Weather Kids
Aether – Wanderlust
AuX – Emotions (Original Mix)
AuX – Stardust
Broke For Free – Night Owl
Calico Cactus – Courage
Calico Cactus – Field Trip
Catmosphere – Candy-Coloured Sky
Collapse – love.
CruciA – With You
Crystal Drop – Fall
Cute Killer
DaPlaque – DEAD_LINE
DaPlaque – Dream
DaPlaque – Ultimate
Dekron – Time Machine
Digital Math – Infinite Cosmos
Digital Math – Joystick
DOCTOR VOX – Neon Lights
Dylan Hardy – Continue
Dylan Hardy – Kites
Elexive – Tonic and Energy
Erio – Monolith
Extan – Faster Than Light
Felxprod – Down The River (feat. Thallie Ann Seenyen)
From The Dust – Alive
From The Dust – Breath
From The Dust – Chemicals
From The Dust – Crystals
From The Dust – Interstellar Rush
From The Dust – Keep Moving
From The Dust – Solstice
From The Dust – Soryntheria
From The Dust – Stardust
From The Dust – Supernova
From The Dust – Within Yourself
GG by daPlaque
Inaki – Phoenix
Inaki – Rewind [Creative Commons] Jackie – Sheesh!
Jackie – Utsukushii
Jackie & Dylan Hardy – Story (Hear Me)
Jesse Warren – Miles Above You
KillHer – Soup Dealer
KuroKibo – Artha
Labisch – Passion
LookOuT – Overlock (Original Mix)
Lost Ashes – Dreamchasers (feat. Car)
Lost Ashes – Scattered
Lost Ashes – Seity
Madnap – Endless River
Marc Virus & Raya S – Nightfall
MAY – Terminus
Meizong – Salt Mines
Meizong – Sound Of Hope
Mike Chino – Calm and Harmony
Mike Chino – Dream Chaser
MINIGUN by daPlaque
NaiKee – Sunder
OurAutobiography – Touch the Sky
Overdrive by daPlaque
Phlex – Take Me Home Tonight (feat. Caitlin Gare) Raya S – Senses
Reatch – Fuko
Reatch – Funk City
Render – Prism
Restless Modern – Maybe We Could
Romos – Catharsis
Romos – Helios [Creative Commons] Rous – Evoke
Rous – Skylight (feat. Stephanie Middleton)
Sauniks – Escaping Now (feat. Lokka Vox)
Slinz – Other Side (feat. NiCo)
SmaXa – Fall Back
Somehow by Labisch
synx – Routine Break
Synx & ParanorMeow – Falling
synx & ParanorMeow – Sinking In
Teknartist – Voltage 2.0 (Original Mix)
Crucia – The Lovely You
Thomas vx – Stranger
UNITY – Eternal Youth
UNITY – Unison
Valesco – All I Need
Valesco – Stay With Me
VOIA – Beauty Standards
VOIA – Mochi Moshi (feat. Keii) (Arthur Medic Remix)
VOIA – Mochi Moshi (feat. Keii)
Wanderflux – Visions
Wontolla – The White Stag
Zythian – Soar
Avius & Kyoot – Wounded
A Himitsu – Adventures
Jahzzar – The Crowd
Jahzzar – Polaroid
Jahzzar – 6 am taxi
1000 Names – Beat of Today
1000 Names – Rio
A-1 Mr Son – Foul Mouthed Birthday Robot
Aaron Dunn – Sonatina No 1 in C Major – I Allegro
Abby and Chris – Happy Birthday Now
Advent Chamber Orchestra – Albinoni – Concerto for 2 Oboes in F Major Op9 no3 1 Allegro
Advent Chamber Orchestra – Bach – Brandenburg Concerto no3 mvt3 allegro
Advent Chamber Orchestra – Albinoni – Concerto for 2 Oboes in F Major Op9 no3 2 Adagio
Advent Chamber Orchestra – Albinoni – Concerto for 2 Oboes in F Major Op9 no3 3 Allegro
Advent Chamber Orchestra – Bach – Brandenburg Concerto No 3 1 allegro
Advent Chamber Orchestra – Bartok – Roumanian Folk Dances – Waistband Dance Roumanian Polka Maruntel
Advent Chamber Orchestra – Handel – Entrance to the Queen of Sheba for Two Oboes Strings and Continuo allegro
Advent Chamber Orchestra – Mozart – Eine Kleine Nachtmusik allegro
Advent Chamber Orchestra – Bach – Brandenburg Concerto No 3 3 allegro
Advent Chamber Orchestra – Dvorak – Serenade for Strings Op22 in E Major larghetto
Advent Chamber Orchestra – Bughici – Suite for Violin 6 Dance allegretto
Advent Chamber Orchestra – Handel – How Beautiful Are the Feet
Advent Chamber Orchestra – Bughici – Suite for Violin 7 Lyric Song lento
Advent Chamber Orchestra – Handel – Rejoice
Advent Chamber Orchestra – Bughici – Suite for Violin 8 Ardeleneasca moderato
Advent Chamber Orchestra – Vivaldi – Concerto in C Major for Oboe and Orchestra andante
Advent Chamber Orchestra – Bughici – Suite for Violin 9 Hora vivace
Advent Chamber Orchestra – Mozart – Laudate Dominum
Advent Chamber Orchestra – Vivaldi – Credo Credo in Unum Deum
Advent Chamber Orchestra – Vivaldi – Credo Et Carnatus Est
Advent Chamber Orchestra – Vivaldi – Credo Crucifixus
Ahrix – Nova
Alaclair Ensemble – Intergalactique
Alexander Klser – Happy Birthday
Andrew Bisset – A Microtonal Tapestry for Chad
Andrew Pekler – Exotic1
Andrew Pekler – Exotic2
Andy G Cohen – Bumbler
Andy G Cohen – Bumbler
Andy G Cohen – Just A Blip
Anenon – Embers and Ashes
Anenon – Kosmiche Slop
Angelika Fischer with friends – Happy-Birthday-Song
Angstbreaker – Stay Hungry
Antiphon – over and under
Apache Tomcat – Not Just Your Song Anymore
Apache Tomcat – Something Deep
Apache Tomcat – Do The Zombie
Apache Tomcat – Scubba Adventure
Apache Tomcat – Tropicana Dreams
Apache Tomcat – Rock Cha
Arne Bang Huseby – Stormy Blues
Aron Blue – Happy Birthday
Asura – Scattered Wave
Asura – So Succulent
Asura – Whispering Through
B2B – Happy Happy Birthday – to you 4 variations for different occasions
B2B – Its a Very Happy Birthday to You 3 variations for different occasions
Backyard Music – A Bright Happy Birthday
Backyard Music – Birthday blues
Backyard Music – Blow out the candles
Backyard Music – Happy Birthday is What Well Say
Backyard Music – Happy Birthday to ya
Backyard Music – Happy Birthday wash your blues away
Backyard Music – Happy Happy Birthday
Backyard Music – Sing a Birthday Song
Beat von Stein – Happy Birthday 2 Piano
Beat von Stein – Happy Birthday Thru Telephone
Beat von Stein – Happy Happy Happy Birthday
Ben von Wildenhaus – Week Seven
Benedek – CRUZIN
Benedek – Dial My Number
Biamby – Super
Big Bill Broonzy – Baby Please Dont Go
Bitbasic – Be careful Ive Stood On It Too
Black Ant – Fater Lee
Black Ant – Oh K
Black Ant – 8bit2 3
Black Ant – Black Ant
Black Ant – Self Explainitory
Black Ant – fACEMELTER
Black Ant – Boomerang
Black Ant – Michael Vendette
Black Ant – Christmas Eve 2009
Black Ant – 5 Piece
Black Ant – government funded weed
Black Ant – 649
Black Ant – 1982
Black Ant – Underdog
Black Ant – D8M3
Black Lake – Happy Birthday Celebrate
Black Math – This Loves Got to Change
Black Math – Suck City
Blank Kytt – Thursday Snow Reprise
Blank Kytt – Jangle
Blank Kytt – Cassette Thing
Blank Kytt – Come Get Some
Blank Kytt – Deniro
Blank Kytt – Flava
Blank Kytt – RSPN
Blank Kytt – Sgt Frog
Blue Monkey Music – Happy Birthday
Bob Barta – An Alternative Birthday Song
Bob Barta – Instrumental Version
Bobtown – Birthday Time
Bohemios da Cidade – L L L L
BOPD – 126 beat1
BOPD – 2205
BOPD – 6605
BOPD – 21205 elevator
BOPD – 21705
BOPD – 21805 dai
BOPD – aint no thing
BoxCat Games – Breaking In
BoxCat Games – Mt Fox Shop
BoxCat Games – Battle Special
BoxCat Games – B-3
BoxCat Games – Battle Boss
BoxCat Games – Young Love
BoxCat Games – Inspiration
BoxCat Games – CPU Talk
BoxCat Games – eCommerce
BoxCat Games – Epic Song
BoxCat Games – Assignment
BoxCat Games – Passing Time
BoxCat Games – Rolling
BoxCat Games – Love Of My Life
BoxCat Games – Map Theme
BoxCat Games – Melody
BoxCat Games – Mission
BoxCat Games – Battle Normal
BoxCat Games – Rhythm
BoxCat Games – Trace Route
BoxCat Games – Tricks
BoxCat Games – Victory
BoxCat Games – Against the Wall
BoxCat Games – Frantic
BoxCat Games – Storm
Brad Sucks – Youre Not Going Anywhere
Brad Sucks – Bad Sign
Brad Sucks – Total Breakdown
Brad Sucks – Certain Death
Brendan Kinsella – Mozart – Piano Sonata in B-flat major III Allegretto Grazioso
Breuss Arrizabalaga Quintet – Nfamoudou-Boudougou
Broke For Free – Night Owl
Broke For Free – Nothing Like Captain Crunch
Broke For Free – Warm Up Suit
Broke For Free – Black Lung
Broke For Free – Calm The Fuck Down
Broke For Free – My Always Mood
Broke For Free – Bring Me The Night
Broke For Free – Day Bird
Broke For Free – The Great
Broke For Free – Breakfast With Tiffany
Broke For Free – Caught In The Beat
Broke For Free – My Luck
Broke For Free – Hella
Broke For Free – Mells Parade
Broke For Free – Nola
Broke For Free – High School Snaps
Broke For Free – Only Instrumental
Broke For Free – Over Easy
Broke For Free – At The Count
Broke For Free – Something Elated
Broke For Free – Living In Reverse
Broke For Free – Drop of Water In the Ocean
Broke For Free – Covered In Oil
Broke For Free – Simple Hop
Broke For Free – Our Ego Feat Different Visitor
BrokeMC – Happy Birthday Its Your Day
Bureaucratica – Southern Gothic
Busdriver – Drone Bump
C Scott – Belview
Caston Deluca – Happy Birthday
Cheika Djerba – Rah Alia Rah
Chris Trapper – Birthday Song
Chris Zabriskie – Androids Always Escape
Chris Zabriskie – Cylinder One
Chris Zabriskie – Direct to Video
Chris Zabriskie – Everybodys Got Problems That Arent Mine
Chris Zabriskie – Heliograph
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 1
Chris Zabriskie – Take Off and Shoot a Zero
Chris Zabriskie – The Dark Glow of the Mountains
Chris Zabriskie – The Temperature of the Air on the Bow of the Kaleetan
Chris Zabriskie – The Theatrical Poster for Poltergeist III
Chris Zabriskie – Unfoldment Revealment Evolution Exposition Integration Arson
Chris Zabriskie – Brethren Arise
Chris Zabriskie – Candlepower
Chris Zabriskie – Cylinder Two
Chris Zabriskie – John Stockton Slow Drag
Chris Zabriskie – Land on the Golden Gate
Chris Zabriskie – Mario Bava Sleeps In a Little Later Than He Expected To
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 2
Chris Zabriskie – Readers Do You Read
Chris Zabriskie – The Sun Is Scheduled to Come Out Tomorrow
Chris Zabriskie – What Does Anybody Know About Anything
Chris Zabriskie – CGI Snake
Chris Zabriskie – Cylinder Three
Chris Zabriskie – Fly Inverted Past a Jenny
Chris Zabriskie – Heliograph
Chris Zabriskie – I Am Running with Temporary Success from a Monstrous Vacuum in Pursuit
Chris Zabriskie – I Dont See the Branches I See the Leaves
Chris Zabriskie – I Need to Start Writing Things Down
Chris Zabriskie – Out of the Skies Under the Earth
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 3
Chris Zabriskie – There Are Many Different Kinds of Love
Chris Zabriskie – Theres a Special Place for Some People
Chris Zabriskie – Theres Probably No Time
Chris Zabriskie – Cylinder Four
Chris Zabriskie – I Am Running a Marathon with Thousands of Other Highly Qualified People Who Are All Trying to Defeat Me
Chris Zabriskie – I Cant Imagine Where Id Be Without It
Chris Zabriskie – I Want to Fall in Love on Snapchat
Chris Zabriskie – Is That You or Are You You
Chris Zabriskie – NirvanaVEVO
Chris Zabriskie – Pick Up a Convict on Alcatraz
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 4
Chris Zabriskie – Preludes No 1 2
Chris Zabriskie – The House Glows With Almost No Help
Chris Zabriskie – Wonder Cycle
Chris Zabriskie – Air Hockey Saloon
Chris Zabriskie – But Enough About Me Bill Paxton
Chris Zabriskie – Cylinder Five
Chris Zabriskie – I Am Running Down the Long Hallway of Viewmont Elementary
Chris Zabriskie – Land on the Golden Gate
Chris Zabriskie – Oxygen Garden
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 5
Chris Zabriskie – Rewound
Chris Zabriskie – The 49th Street Galleria
Chris Zabriskie – We Always Thought the Future Would Be Kind of Fun
Chris Zabriskie – What True Self Feels Bogus Lets Watch Jason X
Chris Zabriskie – Chance Luck Errors in Nature Fate Destruction As a Finale
Chris Zabriskie – Cylinder Six
Chris Zabriskie – Divider
Chris Zabriskie – God Be With You Till We Meet Again
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 6
Chris Zabriskie – That Kid in Fourth Grade Who Really Liked the Denver Broncos
Chris Zabriskie – Cylinder Seven
Chris Zabriskie – I Am a Man Who Will Fight for Your Honor
Chris Zabriskie – Its Always Too Late to Start Over
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 7
Chris Zabriskie – Undercover Vampire Policeman
Chris Zabriskie – Virtues Inherited Vices Passed On
Chris Zabriskie – Air Hockey Saloon
Chris Zabriskie – Cylinder Eight
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 8
Chris Zabriskie – Cylinder Nine
Chris Zabriskie – Oxygen Garden
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 9
Chris Zabriskie – I Need to Start Writing Things Down
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 10
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 11
Chris Zabriskie – Cylinder Three
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 12
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 13
Chris Zabriskie – That Kid in Fourth Grade Who Really Liked the Denver Broncos
Chris Zabriskie – I Am a Man Who Will Fight for Your Honor
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 14
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 15
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 16
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 17
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 18
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 19
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 20
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 21
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 22
Chris Zabriskie – Prelude No 23
Click Click Click – Romance Keys
Click Click Click – Crowd Pleaser
Cofee – Calabash
Cosmic Analog Ensemble – Naked Street
Cosmic Analog Ensemble – Urban Tropic Pt iii
Cosmic Analog Ensemble – Mapping Emptiness
Cullah – No Home
CuzOH Black Feat Wordsmith – Stronger Living Feat Wordsmith
Daedelus – Make It Drums
Daedelus – Racecar Drums
Daniel C Smith – Hey Hey Hey Happy Birthday
David H Porter – Mozarts Rondo No 3 in A Minor K 511
Decktonic – Africa
Decktonic – Spectrum
Decktonic – Watch Your Dubstep Version 2
Decktonic – Fair Game
Decktonic – Night Drive
DJ Lengua – Waterbeat
Drums Like Machine Guns – Dont Sass Me Boy
Dub Terminator – Dub steps
Dub Terminator – Native people dubstep mix
Dub Terminator – Dope magnets
Dub Terminator – Sound experipents
DuBoLoGy – Epic Dub
Dylan Palme – The Crazies Are Out Tonight
Edison Concert Band – Ring Out the Bells for Christmas 1907
Ennio the Little Brother – Spanish Moss Instrumental
Ergo Phizmiz Margita Zalite – Rolands Vegners
Eric Rogers – Happy Birthday
Eric Skiff – A Night Of Dizzy Spells
Eric Skiff – Underclocked underunderclocked mix
Eric Skiff – Chibi Ninja
Eric Skiff – All of Us
Eric Skiff – Come and Find Me
Eric Skiff – Searching
Eric Skiff – Were the Resistors
Eric Skiff – Ascending
Eric Skiff – Arpanauts
Eric Steuer – Bust That Rap Like Nobodys Listenin Dare 2 B Great remix
Fabian Measures – Bliss Peaceful Dales
Fabian Measures – Hanami
Fabian Measures – Higekitekina
Fabian Measures – Subtle Library
Fields of Ohio – Anti-Saloon League Midnight Mystery
File Under Toner – the beginning actually
Furchick – Hey hey birthday song
Galapagoose – Get Motivated
Galapagoose – Victorias Other Secret
Gangi – Proton Beat
Gilbert and Friedland – Singapore 1918 Rector Novelty Orchestra
Giovanni Vicari – Occhi di Bambola
gladioli ravioli – h-a-p-p-y-b-i-r-t-h-d-a-y-t-o-y-o-u
Graham Bole – Nae Shaam
Graham Bole – We Are One
Grossman Ewell Grainger – Roennes Trio for Three Bassoons
Guillaume Tucker – Many Happy Returns
Harpoon Forever – Happy Birthday Baby
Illinois Brass Band – Bach Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
Illinois Brass Band – De Falla Ritual Fire Dance
Immortal Beats – Oh Wee
Jahzz – Silver
Jahzza – Luxe
Jahzzar – Be nice
Jahzzar – Bed
Jahzzar – Comic
Jahzzar – Deja V
Jahzzar – Eve
Jahzzar – get out
Jahzzar – I saw you on TV
Jahzzar – Lift Off
Jahzzar – Out of School
Jahzzar – Please Listen Carefully
Jahzzar – Roads that burned our boots
Jahzzar – Striped blue vinyl
Jahzzar – The last ones
Jahzzar – Two days
Jahzzar – 14
Jahzzar – about u
Jahzzar – Airship Fury
Jahzzar – Family Tree
Jahzzar – Green Lights
Jahzzar – Julia
Jahzzar – Maybe
Jahzzar – Venus
Jahzzar – VHS
Jahzzar – Check
Jahzzar – Cinematic
Jahzzar – Fireworks
Jahzzar – Hancock
Jahzzar – Invisible
Jahzzar – Joke
Jahzzar – Montmartre
Jahzzar – Self-Portrait
Jahzzar – Sleepin
Jahzzar – Snowman
Jahzzar – Talk to me
Jahzzar – The Wrong Way
Jahzzar – Vladimir Estragon
Jahzzar – Chiado
Jahzzar – Dirt
Jahzzar – do it
Jahzzar – Friends
Jahzzar – Good Night
Jahzzar – Great Dark Spot
Jahzzar – Look inside
Jahzzar – Magic Mountain
Jahzzar – Storyteller
Jahzzar – Sunday morning
Jahzzar – Avientu
Jahzzar – be quiet
Jahzzar – No-End Ave
Jahzzar – Planet Zero
Jahzzar – Railroads Whiskey Co
Jahzzar – Runaway
Jahzzar – Seas of Mars
Jahzzar – Siesta
Jahzzar – 1 Wish
Jahzzar – Candy
Jahzzar – Echoes
Jahzzar – Europa
Jahzzar – Going to
Jahzzar – Jardins du Luxembourg
Jahzzar – wherever
Jahzzar – Anniversary
Jahzzar – Boulevard St Germain
Jahzzar – Clap Your Hands
Jahzzar – Fastest Man on Earth
Jahzzar – Little Chance
Jahzzar – sketch sos
Jahzzar – maam
Jahzzar – Memories
Jahzzar – Playtime
Jahzzar – So Far So Close
Jahzzar – biznezz
Jahzzar – So Easy
Jahzzar – The Shine
Jahzzar – X-mas Carol
Jahzzar – Alive
Jahzzar – diary
Jahzzar – First Rays
Jahzzar – Take Me Higher
Jahzzar – The Next Day
Jahzzar – Vanlig
Jahzzar – Shine
Jahzzar – sketch rum-portrait
Jahzzar – The Flowers Are Still Standing
Jahzzar – Birthday Cake
Jahzzar – Happy Ending
Jahzzar – looped
Jahzzar – Set aside
Jahzzar – sketch breakbones
Jahzzar – our rules
Jahzzar – money
Jahzzar – Last Dance
Jahzzar – DJ
Jalen Warshawsky – Dollar Theatre
James Pants – Bird
James Pants – Cha Cha Demo
James Scott – Frog Legs Rag 1906 piano roll
Jason Shaw – Big Car Theft
Jason Shaw – BIRD IN HAND
Jason Shaw – Boom
Jason Shaw – Boots Boots Boots
Jason Shaw – Cycles
Jason Shaw – Ecstasy X
Jason Shaw – Fat Caps
Jason Shaw – Feels Good 2 B
Jason Shaw – Forever Believe
Jason Shaw – FUNKY JUNKY
Jason Shaw – Get A Move On
Jason Shaw – Glitch
Jason Shaw – GOOD FRIEND
Jason Shaw – Groovy Baby
Jason Shaw – IceCold
Jason Shaw – IN THE FIELD
Jason Shaw – LAZY DAY
Jason Shaw – MINSTREL
Jason Shaw – Namaste
Jason Shaw – Navajo Night
Jason Shaw – NICE AND EASY
Jason Shaw – Night Rave
Jason Shaw – Nip The Slipple
Jason Shaw – ONE FINE DAY
Jason Shaw – PIONEERS
Jason Shaw – Pyramids
Jason Shaw – Quirky Jerk
Jason Shaw – ROCKY TOP
Jason Shaw – SERENITY
Jason Shaw – SIDEWALK
Jason Shaw – Sk8board
Jason Shaw – SNAPPY
Jason Shaw – Tech Talk
Jason Shaw – The Big House
Jason Shaw – Timen Passing By
Jason Shaw – WHEELS
Jason Shaw – WORDS
Jason Weinberger the WCFSO – Mahler – Symphony no 5 I Trauermarsch
Jason Weinberger the WCFSO – Debussy – Printemps II Modr
Jason Weinberger the WCFSO – Mozart – Clarinet Concerto in A K 622 II Adagio
Javomarin – El Juego
Jeffrey Moore – Happy happy happy happy birthday
Jens East ft Henk – Daybreak
Joe Rosey – Out of the East 1918 Rector Novelty Orchestra
John H Glover-Kind – I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside 1907 piano roll
John Harrison with the Wichita State University Chamber Players – Spring Mvt 1 Allegro
John Harrison with the Wichita State University Chamber Players – Spring Mvt 2 Largo
John Harrison with the Wichita State University Chamber Players – Spring Mvt 3 Allegro pastorale
John Harrison with the Wichita State University Chamber Players – Summer Mvt 1 Allegro non molto
John Harrison with the Wichita State University Chamber Players – Summer Mvt 2 Adagio
John Harrison with the Wichita State University Chamber Players – Summer Mvt 3 Presto
John Harrison with the Wichita State University Chamber Players – Autumn Mvt 1 Allegro
John Harrison with the Wichita State University Chamber Players – Autumn Mvt 2 Adagio molto
John Harrison with the Wichita State University Chamber Players – Autumn Mvt 3 Allegro
John Harrison with the Wichita State University Chamber Players – Winter Mvt 1 Allegro non molto
John Harrison with the Wichita State University Chamber Players – Winter Mvt 2 Largo
John Harrison with the Wichita State University Chamber Players – Winter Mvt 3 Allegro
Jono Bacon – Free Software Song 2 Instrumental
Jose Travieso – Zombie Nation
Josh Woodward – I Want To Destroy Something Beautiful
Josh Woodward – I Will Not Let You Let Me Down Instrumental Version
Josh Woodward – Im Letting Go
Josh Woodward – Swansong Instrumental Version
Josh Woodward – 2020 Instrumental Version
Josh Woodward – This Is Everything Instrumental Version
Josh Woodward – Cherubs
Josh Woodward – Hollow Grove Instrumental Version
Josh Woodward – Private Hurricane
Josh Woodward – Crazy Glue Instrumental Version
Josh Woodward – Dont Close Your Eyes Instrumental
Josh Woodward – Private Hurricane Instrumental Version
Josh Woodward – Under the Stairs
Josh Woodward – Lafayette Instrumental Version
Josh Woodward – Under the Stairs Instrumental Version
Josh Woodward – Oh Mallory Instrumental Version
Josh Woodward – Shadows in the Moonlight Instrumental
Josh Woodward – Stars Collide Instrumental Version
Josh Woodward – Good to Go Instrumental
Josh Woodward – Grey Snow Instrumental Version
Josh Woodward – Invisible Light Instrumental Version
Josh Woodward – Overthrown Instrumental Version
Josh Woodward – Water in the Creek Instrumental Version
Josh Woodward – Little Tomcat Instrumental Version
Josh Woodward – Once Tomorrow Instrumental Version
Josh Woodward – The Voices Instrumental Version
Josh Woodward – Im Not Dreaming Instrumental Version
Josh Woodward – The Gloaming Instrumental Version
Josh Woodward – Gemini Instrumental Version
Josh Woodward – Epilogue Instrumental Version
JPB – Defeat The Night (feat. Ashley Apollodor)
Juanitos – Soul Africa
Juanitos – Hey
Juanitos – Black Samba
Juanitos – Sambarama
Juanitos – Exotica
Juanitos – Hola Hola Bossa Nova
Juanitos – Brasilian Reggae
Juanitos – En Croisiere
Juanitos – Tramp Vs Le Grand Blond
Juanitos – Strange Italian Song
Kai Engel – Behind Your Window
Kai Engel – Snowmen
Kai Engel – Remedy for Melancholy
Kai Engel – Wake Up
Kai Engel – Low Horizon
Kai Engel – Nothing Bonus Track
Kai Engel – Sunset
Karine Gilanyan – Beethoven – Piano Sonata nr15 in D major op28 Pastoral – I Allegro
Keep Them Alive – Nuclear Winter feat Jeffery Malecki
Kellee Maize J Glaze Productions – In Tune J Glaze Remix
Kellee Maize J Glaze Productions – In The Night – Game of Thrones Remake J Glaze Remix
Kevin Lax – Happy Birthday
Kevin MacLeod – Aces High
Kevin MacLeod – Impact Andante
Kevin MacLeod – Private Eye
Kevin MacLeod – Impact Moderato
Kevin MacLeod – There It Is
Kevin MacLeod – DD Groove
Kevin MacLeod – Impact intermezzo
Kevin MacLeod – Presenterator
Kevin MacLeod – Impact Allegretto
Kevin MacLeod – Hustle
Kevin MacLeod – Impact Lento
Kevin MacLeod – Dirt Rhodes
Kevin MacLeod – Slow Burn
Kevin MacLeod – A Little Faith
Kevin MacLeod – AcidJazz
Kevin MacLeod – Amazing Grace 2011
Kevin MacLeod – Anachronist
Kevin MacLeod – As I Figure
Kevin MacLeod – Aurea Carmina – Full Mix
Kevin MacLeod – Autumn Day
Kevin MacLeod – Backed Vibes Clean
Kevin MacLeod – Baltic Levity
Kevin MacLeod – Bathed in the Light
Kevin MacLeod – Beach Party
Kevin MacLeod – Blue Feather
Kevin MacLeod – Brightly Fancy
Kevin MacLeod – Broken Reality
Kevin MacLeod – Call to Adventure
Kevin MacLeod – Cambodean Odessy
Kevin MacLeod – Camille Saint-Sans Danse Macabre
Kevin MacLeod – Camille Saint-Sans Danse Macabre – Busy Strings
Kevin MacLeod – Camille Saint-Sans Danse Macabre – Finale
Kevin MacLeod – Camille Saint-Sans Danse Macabre – Isolated Harp
Kevin MacLeod – Camille Saint-Sans Danse Macabre – Light Dance
Kevin MacLeod – Camille Saint-Sans Danse Macabre – Sad Part
Kevin MacLeod – Camille Saint-Sans Danse Macabre – Xylophone
Kevin MacLeod – Canon in D Major
Kevin MacLeod – Carefree
Kevin MacLeod – Cattails
Kevin MacLeod – Clean Soul
Kevin MacLeod – Consort for Brass
Kevin MacLeod – Crossing the Divide
Kevin MacLeod – Crunk Knight
Kevin MacLeod – Dances and Dames
Kevin MacLeod – Devastation and Revenge
Kevin MacLeod – Dream Culture
Kevin MacLeod – Early Riser
Kevin MacLeod – Eastminster
Kevin MacLeod – Enchanted Journey
Kevin MacLeod – Erik Satie Gymnopedie No 1
Kevin MacLeod – Erik Satie Gymnopedie No 2
Kevin MacLeod – Erik Satie Gymnopedie No 3
Kevin MacLeod – Faster Does It
Kevin MacLeod – First Call
Kevin MacLeod – Fluffing a Duck
Kevin MacLeod – Funeral March for Brass
Kevin MacLeod – Gagool
Kevin MacLeod – Georges Bizet Habanera
Kevin MacLeod – Ghost Dance
Kevin MacLeod – Gustov Holst Thaxted
Kevin MacLeod – Hamster March
Kevin MacLeod – I Knew a Guy
Kevin MacLeod – Isolated
Kevin MacLeod – J S Bach Brandenburg Concerto No4-1 BWV1049
Kevin MacLeod – J S Bach Cello Suite 1 in G on Dulcimer – Prelude
Kevin MacLeod – J S Bach Chomatic Fuge BWV 930
Kevin MacLeod – J S Bach Chromatic Fantasia BWV 930
Kevin MacLeod – J S Bach Prelude in C – BWV 846
Kevin MacLeod – J S Bach Sheep May Safely Graze – BWV 208
Kevin MacLeod – J S Bach Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
Kevin MacLeod – Lift Motif
Kevin MacLeod – Ludwig van Beethoven Sinfonia Number 5
Kevin MacLeod – Master of the Feast
Kevin MacLeod – Monkeys Spinning Monkeys
Kevin MacLeod – Mourning Song
Kevin MacLeod – Night on the Docks – Sax
Kevin MacLeod – Off to Osaka
Kevin MacLeod – On the Passing of Time
Kevin MacLeod – Ouroboros – Full Mix
Kevin MacLeod – P I Tchaikovsky Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
Kevin MacLeod – Parisian
Kevin MacLeod – Pixel Peeker Polka – faster
Kevin MacLeod – Plain Loafer
Kevin MacLeod – Quasi Motion
Kevin MacLeod – Radio Martini
Kevin MacLeod – Reaching Out
Kevin MacLeod – Relent
Kevin MacLeod – Richard Strauss Also Sprach Zarathustra
Kevin MacLeod – Rite of Passage
Kevin MacLeod – Running Fanfare
Kevin MacLeod – Schmetterling
Kevin MacLeod – Silver Blue Light
Kevin MacLeod – Sinfonia 3
Kevin MacLeod – Sing Along with Jim
Kevin MacLeod – Snow Drop
Kevin MacLeod – Sonatina
Kevin MacLeod – Soporific
Kevin MacLeod – The Endless
Kevin MacLeod – The Forest and the Trees
Kevin MacLeod – Tikopia
Kevin MacLeod – Tiny Fugue
Kevin MacLeod – Traditional Song of the Volga Boatmen
Kevin MacLeod – Tranquility
Kevin MacLeod – Trio for Piano Violin and Viola
Kevin MacLeod – Ujangong Mix
Kevin MacLeod – Unity
Kevin MacLeod – Vibe Ace
Kevin MacLeod – Vintage Education
Kevin MacLeod – Virtutes Instrumenti
Kevin MacLeod – W A Mozart Divertimento K131
Kevin MacLeod – Wagner Bridal Chorus
Kevin MacLeod – Wagner Bridal Chorus – piano
Kevin MacLeod – Winner Winner
Kevin MacLeod – Winter Reflections
Kiai – Happy Birthday
Kidkanevil DZA – 45 – Nuff Stickers
Lately Kind of Yeah – Where Is My Jaw
Lawrence Garfield – Birthday Chimes Version 2 – Beers
Lee Rosevere – Lets Start at the Beginning
Lee Rosevere – Make A Wish for Christmas
Lee Rosevere – Red Danube
Lee Rosevere – Max Flashback
Lee Rosevere – Dark Hallway
Lee Rosevere – Love Wins
Lenkei – Trickertreat
Les Petits Chanteurs de Montigny – Go down Moses Negro Spiritual
Les Petits Chanteurs de Montigny – Soon and Very Soon Negro Spiritual
Les Petits Chanteurs de Montigny – Go tell it on the mountain Negro Spiritual
Les Petits Chanteurs de Montigny – Let us break bread Negro Spiritual
lightning – Happy Birthday
Lili Labassi – Mazal Haye Mazal
Limonadiac – A Dyslexic Dumb Dead Voice
Little Glass Men – Your Pulse
Little Glass Men – Dream Blaze
Little Glass Men – Blackout Blue
Little Glass Men – Clover
Little Wooden Church
Lizzie Miles – My Pillow And Me
Lloyd Rodgers – On Things Invisible to the Eye Act II
lo-fi is sci-fi – Phase IV
Lorenzos Music – I Never Wanted To Say
Lorenzos Music – You Got To Feel It Tonight
Lorenzos Music – Picture it all Instrumental
Lorenzos Music – We All Fall Down
Lorenzos Music – Roulette
Lucky Dragons – Chicken and Cheese 2 Foot Village cover
Lucky Dragons – dublab Open Wide Proton Drive theme
Malik Bash – Apollo [NCS Release]
Marco Raaphorst – mafkees
Mark Humble – Free Happy Birthday
MC Cullah – Blazing Day
MC Cullah – Rising Up
Michael Lynch – Happy And Wonderful Birthday To Name Goes Here
Michael Sandler – Public Squeegee
Mike BFort – Guit Guit Happy Happy
Milol Shapiro – happy happy happy birthday song
Miquel Parera Jaques – nxVacuity002-2012-12-12 04 05 18
Miquel Parera Jaques – QAD-2013-05-13 22 14 36-Stereo
Miquel Parera Jaques – QAD-2013-05-13 23 47 26-Stereo
Miss Inah The Sweet Malay Entertainers – Sesalken Oentoeng
Monk Turner Fascinoma – Its Your Birthday
Monk Turner Fascinoma – Its Your Birthday Instrumental Version
Monk Turner Fascinoma – Piano Version in B
Monroeville Music Center – Lee Redmonds Slow Motion Fender Bender
Monroeville Music Center – B005
Moon Veil – Mantilla
Moon Veil – Slow Moving
Moon Veil – Scorpio
Moon Veil – Ivory
Moona Luna – Beautiful Birthday
Moore and Gardner – Chinese Blues 1916 George Gershwin piano roll
MrJuan – Seor Bomba
MrJuan – Do the Pump
nisei23 – The Return
nisei23 – Cut Out
nisei23 – Animus Anima
nisei23 – Pale Imitation
nisei23 – Gymnopedie 2
nisei23 – The Departure
nisei23 – Thirteen
Noi – Everything Is Changing
norunning – Happy Birthday Round
One Half of Example None – Happy Birthday
Orbique – simple
P C III – Adam Are You Free
Percy Wenrich – The Smiler 1907 Zonophone Concert Band
Performer not given – Piano solo–march 160 rpm
Peter Rudenko – 500 AM
Peter Rudenko – Snowing
Peter Rudenko – Closing
Peter Rudenko – Peace Within
Phillip Allan – Your Best Birthday
Phoephus – Fjcb Reddit Gtr Fills Mix
Pierlo – Promo Mix Vocal Edit Luv Dub Mix
Pierlo – BMX Hero
Pierlo – You Cant Unfeel The Rhythm DJ JC Radio Edit
Pierlo – Everybody Dance All Night Luv Garage Edit feat Alexia Dees
Pierlo – Barbarian
Pierlo – Skyroads
Pierlo – Ocramancer
Pompey – Snow Miniature
Possimiste – Poppy
Possimiste – The Flight of Lulu
Pulselooper – Neurociencia
Quantum Jazz – If I Cant Dance Its Not My Revolution
Quantum Jazz – Intro
Quantum Jazz – Jingle Jazz
Quantum Jazz – Orbiting A Distant Planet
Quaro – Yojimbo
Rations – Leaves Of Grass
Rations – Occasion For War
Rations – My Magnificent Sea
Rations – The Profiteers
Raziel Jamaerah – Flow 4 Ever 1Time2TheBeat
Revolution Void – Effects of Elevation
Revolution Void – Line of Flight
Revolution Void – Effects of Elevation Citizen
Revolution Void – Time Flux
Revolution Void – Effects of Elevation Sevenles
Revolution Void – Someone Elses Memories
Revolution Void – Tree Tenants
Revolution Void – Telluric Undercurrent
Revolution Void – Outer Orbit
Revolution Void – How Exciting
Revolution Void – The Simulation Hypothesis
Revolution Void – The Narrative Changes
Revolution Void – Scattered Knowledge
Rhinostrich – Shut Up
Roberto Billi – Sfioro
RoccoW – Hello Chiptune Cover
Rolemusic – Bacterial Love
Rolemusic – Shipwreck In The Pacific Ocean
Rolemusic – Ants
Rolemusic – Chasing The Port Chains
Rolemusic – Crush At Maracas Bar
Rolemusic – Enthalpy
Rolemusic – Python
Rolemusic – The Pirate And The Dancer
Rolemusic – She Is My Best Treasure
Rolemusic – He Plays Me The Best Rhythms
Rolemusic – Beach Wedding Dance
Rolemusic – A ninja among oscillators
Rolemusic – If Pigs Could Sing
Rolemusic – pl4y1ng
Rolemusic – ZX Spectrum Ringtone
Romie Stott – Birthday Song
Room For A Ghost – No02
Room For A Ghost – Burn
Rosanna Cantavella – Have a happy birthday
Rusu Mihai – Universal Happy Birthday
Ryan Little – High Above
Ryan Little – Star Writings
Salmo – Eclosion
Salmo – Rumeur sous la cascade nue de gammares
Salmo – Fraie
Salmo – Norehud Nitsefel
Sascha Ende – Simple New Happy Birthday Melody
Scott Holmes – Green Fields
Scott Holmes – Rainbow Street
Scott Holmes – 9A Wee Tipple – Scott Holmes
Scott Holmes – Sunday Funday
Scott Holmes – Sweet Dreams
Scott Holmes – The Light Between Us
Scott Joplin – Maple Leaf Rag 1899 Z Brewster-Geisz version
Scott Joplin – The Entertainer 1902 piano roll
Scott Joplin – Pine Apple Rag 1908 piano roll
Scott Joplin – Original Rags 1900 piano roll
Scott Joplin – Ragtime Dance
Sergey Cheremisinov – Labyrinth
Sergey Schepkin – Andrew Bisset Conglomerate Fragments for Solo Piano
Sergey Schepkin – Andrew Bisset Cultural Dis-Ease
Shoplifted Gifts – Happy Birthday
Silence is full of birds – The Birthday Song
Six Umbrellas – She Does Her Best feat Small Colin
SKGB – SKGBs Alternate Adventures in Dubstepland
SKGB – Spiral Sp1r4lpSi ralS5pr14 l live at the end of Studio 34
Skidmore College Orchestra – VIII Catacombae Sepulcrum romanum Largo
Slackwaves – QSSW20135A
Slinte – Kesh Jig Leitrim Fancy
Slinte – Mairis Wedding with Tacoma Youth Chorus
Slinte – The Banshee Gravel Walks The Old Copperplate
Slinte – Mairis Wedding
Slinte – Silver Spear
Slinte – Star of the County Down with Tacoma Youth Chorus
Slinte – The Butterfly Kid on the Mountain
Slinte – Gander in the Pratie Hole Morrisons Jig Drowsy Maggie
Slinte – Sally Gardens
Slinte – Wild Mountain Thyme with Bellevue Chamber Chorus
Slinte – Maid Behind the Bar
Slinte – Wild Rover with Bellevue Chamber Chorus
Slinte – Scullys Reel Mrs McLeods Cooleys Reel
Slinte – Banish
Slinte – Lark in the Morning The Atholl Highlanders
Slinte – Julia Delaney
Slinte – Si Beag Si Mor Snowy Path
Slinte – Jig of Slurs Dublin Reel – Merry Blacksmith The Mountain Road
Small Colin – Mutations
Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet – Danzi Wind Quintet Op 67 No 2 In E Minor 1 Allego Vivo
Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet – Danzi Wind Quintet Op 67 No 2 In E Minor 3 Menuetto Allegretto
Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet – Danzi Wind Quintet Op 67 No 2 In E Minor 4 Allegretto
Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet – Danzi Wind Quintet Op 67 No 3 In E-Flat Major 2 Andante Moderato
Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet – Danzi Wind Quintet Op 67 No 3 In E-Flat Major Menuetto Allegro
Soni Ventorum Wind Quintet – Danzi Wind Quintet Op 67 No 3 In E-Flat Major 4 Allegretto
sorin urzica – Happy Birthday to You – Special Song
Spiedkiks – Ear Conflict on Main Street
Spiedkiks – One Too Many Drinks Part2
Spiedkiks – The Day Before
Spiedkiks – Take Off Your Make Up
Spiedkiks – Freak Boutique
Spiedkiks – Drinks 4am rmx by Dominik Berlin
Spiedkiks – Kitchen Suite
Spin Day – The End
Spin Day – Godfathers Theme
Spin Day – The Beginning
Spinning Clocks – Circle Round
Spinning Clocks – Lunar Dunes
Spinning Clocks – Around the Mountain
staRpauSe – Hooky Hicky
Stellardrone – Airglow
Stellardrone – In Time
Stellardrone – Comet Halley
Stellardrone – Ultra Deep Field
Stellardrone – Eternity Reprise
Steve Combs – Hero
Steve Combs Delta Is – Theme Y
Stevies Amp Shack – Blues Shuffle in A One Take Improv Exercise
Stickfigure – Crack in Time
Strassmeir Dachaur Bauernkapelle – Werdenfelser Trompeten Landler
Sul Rebel – Rebel Blues
Sunsearcher – Movie Rhythm1
Sunsearcher – Dance Rhytm1
Sunsearcher – Brazilian Rhythm
Sunsearcher – Ambient Cool
Sunsearcher – Flamenco Rhythm
Sunsearcher – Big Beats Alternate
Sunsearcher – Latin Rhythm
Sunsearcher – Movie Rhythm2
Tad Trier – Birthday Times 3
Technetium – Happy Birthday
The Agrarians – Views of The Holy Divine
The Blank Tapes – Its Your Birthday
The Danimals – Happy FN Birthday
The Danimals – Super Psyched Birthday Crew
The Danimals – Super Psyched for Your Birthday
The Freak Fandango Orchestra – Monkey Said
The Freak Fandango Orchestra – Nevermore
The Freak Fandango Orchestra – Sad Passangers Waltz
The Freak Fandango Orchestra – No means no
The Freak Fandango Orchestra – The Hug
The Freak Fandango Orchestra – Hitmans Lovesong feat Paola Graziano
The Freak Fandango Orchestra – At the beginning
The Fucked Up Beat – Arrythmia a lost battalion of conversationalists jumping down the stoops off fire escapes off Empire State out of the moon into vacant Ohio factories
The Good Lawdz – Ridin Dirty But Still I Shine So Clean
The Good Lawdz – Ground Cayenne
The Good Lawdz – Datpiff
The Good Lawdz – Preachin Dem Blues
The Insider – A Difficult Subject
The Insider – The Insider Theme
The Insider – Time to Move and Motivate
The Insider – Vibration
The Insider – Right
The Insider – Tension is Rising
The Insider – A Little Woozy I Guess
The Insider – The Great Break-off
The Insider – One Fine Day
The Insider – Intelligent Galaxy
The Joy Drops – NotDrunk-mix-full-band-no-vocal
The Kyoto Connection – Geisha
The Kyoto Connection – Voyage I – Waterfall
The Kyoto Connection – The Music In You
The Kyoto Connection – The Calm Before The Storm
The Kyoto Connection – No Pain No Gain
The Kyoto Connection – Reveal the Magic
The Kyoto Connection – Hachiko The Faithtful Dog
The Kyoto Connection – Wake Up
The Kyoto Connection – Voyage III – The Space Between Us
The Kyoto Connection – Ume No Kaori feat Sunawai
The Kyoto Connection – Outro – Totally Here and Now feat Alan Watts
The Tudor Consort – Passio Domini Nostri Jesu Christe
The Tudor Consort – Palestrina – Gloria – Missa Sicut lilium inter spinas
The United States Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps – US Army Song The Caissons Go Rolling Along
Tony Angeles – Today Is Your Birthday
Tours – Enthusiast
Tres Tristes Tangos – DBronx Tanz
Tres Tristes Tangos – Een Laastse Liedje
Tres Tristes Tangos – Klderen Polka
Tres Tristes Tangos – Kolomeika
Tres Tristes Tangos – Ojos Negros
Tres Tristes Tangos – Planta Baja
Tri-Tachyon – Little Lily Swing
Tussle – Chicken and Cheese 2 Foot Village cover
Tyler Twombly – Pump It
Tyler Twombly – Club
Tyler Twombly – Candy Island
Tyler Twombly – Background Radiation
Tyler Twombly – Brunch Club extended edition
U Can Unlearn Guitar – The Incredible Infection of Unintended Invection
UltraCat – Disco High
UltraCat – Unexpected Little Happenings
UncleBibby – Nobody Here But Us Charles Dickens
UncleBibby – Cardboard Fox
United States Marine Band – Auld Lang Syne
United States Marine Band – We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Urbano A Zafra – Danza Filipina
US Army Blues – Introduction
US Army Blues – Main Stem
US Army Blues – Dance Of The Stargazer
US Army Blues – Not On The Bus
US Army Blues – Stardust
US Army Blues – Oginiland
US Army Blues – Bayou Farewell
US Army Blues – Kellis Number
US Army Blues – Barbara
US Army Blues – BugaBlue
US Army Blues – Walk That Dog
Vernon Dalhart – The Alcoholic Blues
Victor Herbert Orchestra – The Prima Donna
Victor Herbert Orchestra – Naughty Marietta
Victor Herbert Orchestra – Chanson Triste
Vinod Prasanna Okey Szoke Pompey – Raag Youtube
Visager – The Final Road Loop
Waiters the O Clock in the Morning
Wake – Honeys Pie
Wake – Steppin
WatFatMan – deprecie
Welcome Wizard – Hash God
Welcome Wizard – Twelve Diseases
Welcome Wizard – MLU
Welcome Wizard – Sheep Asleep
Wild Shores – Cabalista
William Masopust – Happy Birthday From All of Us to You
Wiredrawn – Christmas Wish No 3571
YGDTopDogg – Dance Like A Stripper ft Mista Cavi Slim 400
ZEV – Seventh Movement
Jahzzar – Car Crash
Jahzzar – Ice Cream

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